Peace mother Şehriban Tunç passes away in Adıyaman

Peace mother Şehriban Tunç has passed away in Adıyaman. The longtime activist and mother of a fallen guerrilla fighter succumbed to a heart attack.

Peace Mother Şehriban Tunç has passed away in Adıyaman province. The longtime activist succumbed to a heart attack on Saturday at her home in Bulam village in Çelikhan district. Tunç was the mother of guerrilla fighter Aziz Çirav (Yusuf Tunç), who died in October 2018 along with Şoreş Roza (Murat Özdemir) during battles with the Turkish army in Adıyaman. Just a few weeks before his death, Şehriban Tunç had been remanded in custody on terror charges.

Şehriban Tunç has been laid to rest. The funeral took place on Sunday morning at Bulam Cemetery.

The initiative of the Peace Mothers

The Peace Mothers, an initiative of mothers of Kurdish guerrilla fighters, but also of Kurdish soldiers, have made it their goal to fight with all their possibilities against the continuation of the war and for a political solution. They do not only stand up for peace, but they are also exemplary for a permanent dialogical engagement as well as for the democratization of Turkey. The initiative of the peace mothers demands an end of the warlike and bloody conflicts in Turkey. Despite their experiences with the expulsion from their own villages and the death of many family members, the women welcome the PKK's repeatedly proclaimed unilateral ceasefires.