PYD Women's Council condemns massacre carried out by Turkey

The PYD Women's Council called on people to reject the attacks carried out by the invading Turkish state targeting women.

The Democratic Union Party (PYD) Women's Council issued a statement regarding the massacre of women carried out by the Turkish state in the village of Helîncê in Kobanê.

The statement pointed out that targeting women and civilians is a crime in international law and that the Turkish state wants to carry out a genocide against Kurds. “The invading Turkish state is targeting the woman who is leading the society to hit every Kurd.”

The statement expressed condolences to the families of the three women who fell martyrs as a result of the attacks on Tuesday night and added: “We promise to walk along their line of struggle and call on everyone to take to the streets and protest the attacks. Targeting civilians and all segments of society is a war crime. War crimes mean violations of UN conventions, the Geneva Agreement and international laws. All these institutions should take a stance against Turkish brutality and we call on them to warn Turkey to stop these attacks."