Reactions to detention of women in Amed increase

The Women's Councils of the Amed Labor Democracy Platform reacted to the detentions of women on Friday and said: "The government ignores the thoughts and freedom of women."

In a written statement the Women's Councils of the Amed Labor Democracy Platform on the detention of many Kurdish politicians and women activists on Fridat said that "such operations against civil society organizations operating in the field of human rights, women and children have become systematic in recent years."

The statement recalled that Rosa Women's Association, Peace Mothers Assembly, Kurdish women politicians' activities "are public activities, the State power that should channel its energy to eliminate violence and inequality against women, today attacks women. It is noteworthy that after the Ramadan Holiday, the draft law on child marriages will be on the agenda of the Parliament, and like all women's institutions, the Rosa Women's Association is also preparing to discuss this draft. The fact that this police operation was carried out just before this draft law landing at parliament is indeed remarkable."

The statement also said that these arrests are a violation of the freedom of expression and association.