Report on execution of YJA Star guerrilla Ekin Wan

Lawyer and human rights defender Eren Keskin has prepared a three-page report on the execution of YJA Star guerrilla Ekin Wan whose body was tortured by Turkish state forces after her death in a clash with soldiers in Varto on August 10.

Lawyer and human rights defender Eren Keskin has prepared a three-page report on the execution of YJA Star guerrilla Kevser Eltürk (Ekin Wan) whose body was tortured by Turkish state forces after her death in a clash with soldiers in Varto district of Muş on August 10.

Keskin who talked to ANF about the details of the report told that Eltürk had been hit on the left hip, but it was yet not revealed whether her death was caused by this shot. She noted that there were seen marks of rope and torture on her neck and body while her body was washed before burial.

Keskin talked to Varto Chief of Police to find out who released the photos of her naked body on social media. Accordingly, the Chief of Police told her that crime scene investigation team might have taken the photo, adding that he however didn't know where this team came from. Keskin described the situation as a war crime.


Kader Kevser Ertürk (Ekin Wan), born in Van's Çaldıran district in 1986, joined PKK in 2008 and has been active in Varto rurals for the past three years.

Keskin said the people would love Eltürk very much and remarked on the basis of her talks with witnesses that she was quite sensitive about violence against women. "She was especially admired by women among whom she worked to raise awareness on male violence.


On the basis of her talks with witnesses, Keskin said Eltürk had been shot on the left hip and lost her life during a clash in Varto on August 10, adding that there had been no civilians in the area of the clash. Members of her family however saw marks of torture on her body as they prepared it prepared for burial, which shows that she might have been dragged on the ground or tortured.


Keskin pointed out that two photos of Eltürk were taken at the scene where she was shot dead, including one dressed and one naked, and there were three men who wore blue gloves, but only their legs were seen in the photos.

Keskin recalled that Governor of Muş, Vedat Büyükersoy, had announced several days after the release of photos that an investigation had been launched to find out who took the photos and released them on social media. She added that the investigation has however made no progress.

Varto Chief of Police on the other hand stated that it was not someone from his team that took the photo, but could possibly be crime scene investigation teams coming from another area, Van or Erzurum.

Keskin underlined that it was not possible for the Chief of Police to not know where those crime scene investigation teams came from.

Keskin also talked to the prosecutor who said the investigation continued but no postmortem report was available yet.


Regarding the legal aspect of the incident, Keskin said Eltürk family had filed a criminal complaint on August 17 over 'offense of one's memory' which involves acts affronting one's corpse or bones.

Recalling the similar crimes perpetrated by the Turkish state during 90's, Keskin said the complaints they had filed during those times were not answered as nobody believed them or ignored the savagery in question. She said social media has now enabled the verification of the incident which she described as a war crime.


1- On the basis of the report on Eltürk's execution, Keskin listed the following questions and demands;

2- It doesn't stand to reason that one would die soon after being shot on the hip, which is why the cause of Eltürk's death must be revealed and her postmortem report must be made explained immediately.

3- An investigation must be launched soon in consideration of Chief of Police's remarks that 'the photo might have been taken by crime scene investigation teams'.In consideration of the high possibility to reveal who published the photos on social media, the failure to ensure this suggests that those responsible are being protected.

4- The prosecuting authority must bring the investigation to conclusion, ascertain those responsible and bring an action against them.