Report says at least 27 women murdered by men in January

The ‘We Will Stop Femicide Platform’ said that at least 27 women were murdered by men in January.

The ‘We Will Stop Femicide Platform’ (KCDP) released its January report.

According to the report, 27 women were murdered in January, 7 women were found death in suspicious circumstances, the reason why 22 women were killed could not be established; 5 women were killed after making a decision about their own life, such as asking for a divorce.

The report added: "It was not possible to determine who killed 3 of the 27 women murdered in January. 7 women were murdered by their boyfriends, 5 by their husbands, 5 by their sons, 3 by their fathers, 2 by former husbands. In addition, 15 of the women were killed by firearms, 8 by cutting tools, 1 by drowning, 2 by batting, and 1 by burning."

It was noted that 18 of the women were killed in their homes, 6 in the middle of the street, one in a car, one in a deserted place.

The report also stated: "It is very difficult to determine the working status of women. According to TURKSTAT, the number of women who have stopped seeking a job and are 'busy with housework' has increased by 632,000 in the last year, so that the number of women not even counted as labor force increased to 11 million 549 thousand in October 2019."