Rojava Women’s Coordination condemns Turkish abuses in Afrin

An appeal to the international community to raise their voice for Afrin.

The Rojava Democratic Autonomous Administration Women's Coordination has released a statement condemning the abuses of the invading Turkish armed forces and their mercenary allies in Afrin.

Women abduction, rape, forcing the Ezidis to become Muslim, and forcibly displacing people are among the abuses reported on a daily basis.

“The Syrian crisis, which began 8 years ago as a revolution for peoples' liberation was then transformed into a chessboard where international powers play for their interests”, said the statement.

The Women’s Coordination added: “Following the intervention of foreign powers, the Syrian revolution was converted into a regional and global crisis. The Turkish state took its chance and calculated its opportunity to intervene in the Syrian territory. It used the border security as an excuse to occupy the Syrian lands, and has taken advantage of this crisis to achieve its own goals”.

Since January this year, the statement recalled, “Erdogan and his mercenaries have occupied Afrin and forced people to leave their homes while at the same time changing the demography of the region. Turkey is also settling mercenaries and their families into the homes of the residents of Afrin”.

The atrocities against the people of Afrin carried out by the Turkish army and their mercenaries- said the statement- “are happening every day under the silence of the international community: women abduction, rape, forcing Ezidis to become Muslim, plunder”.

The statement ended: “As Rojava Democratic Autonomous Women's Coordination; we strongly condemn these inhuman practices carried out by the occupying Turkish state in Afrin. We call on all international institutions and organizations, human rights organizations to address this issue. We declare that the resistance of the women of the Afrin will continue until the very end”.