TJA: For the Kurdish people, woman and mother are the name of leadership and pride

Celebrating Mother’s Day, TJA stated that mothers are pioneers in the search for justice and social change.

In a statement on Mother's Day, the Free Women’s Movement (Tevgere Jinên Azad, TJA) emphasised the important role of women in society.

The statement said that mothers represent the creative and vital power of women in society, emphasising that women have been developing socialisation for thousands of years and have formed the basis of culture, life and creativity.

TJA stated that Kurdish mothers in particular have resisted under various names to protect the honour of society and are feared by the fascist system.

The statement said that mothers are the conscience of society and bravely fight against injustice. Stating that the fascist system has increased the pressure on mothers and that many Kurdish mothers are still being held in prisons, TJA said: "For the Kurdish people, women and mothers are the basis of socialisation as well as the name of leadership and pride. The light that grew from the hands of Mother Üveyş has reached a universal cry in the person of Kurdish mothers until today. In the darkness of 12 September, when a genocide was imposed, our mothers fearlessly embraced their children. Against the imposed oppression, our mothers have sometimes become Saturday Mothers, sometimes Peace Mothers, sometimes Mothers in White Headscarves, sometimes Justice Mothers and have not allowed society to deviate from its honour and human values."

The statement remarked that the struggle of the mothers is not limited to the Kurdish geography and that many mothers and women around the world are engaged in similar struggles. It was noted that mothers are pioneers in the search for justice and social change.

Finally, TJA celebrated Mother's Day and drew attention to the valuable roles and struggles of mothers in society.