Turkish soldier serving in Van jailed for raping two high school students

Turkish soldier Talip K., who was serving in Van, was sent to prison for raping two high school students.

A new case of violence has occurred to the list of harassment, rape and sexual assaults in the cities of Northern Kurdistan, carried out by soldiers, police and village guards.

Talip K., a specialist sergeant, was sent to prison accused of raping two high school students he had taken by car to his home. The sergeant had made them drink alcohol and then assaulted and raped them.

The incident came to light when the students told what had happened to them to their guidance counsellor.

The students also reported that they were threatened by the sergeant.

Specialized sergeant Talip K., who was detained after the student's statements, was arrested and sent to prison on charges of "deprivation of liberty" and "qualified sexual abuse of a child."

One of the children exposed to sexual abuse was placed in a state dormitory.