We Will Stop Femicide Platform says 24 women were murdered in July

According to the July report of the We Will Stop Femicide Platform, 24 women were murdered and 20 women died under suspicious circumstances.

The We Will Stop Femicide Platform published its report on the women killed in July. According to the report, 24 women were murdered in July, while 20 women died under suspicious circumstances.

In July, the highest number of femicide was committed in Istanbul. According to the report, there were 4 femicides in Istanbul, 3 in Denizli, 2 in Izmir, 2 in Konya, 2 in Muğla, one in Afyonkarahisar, Ankara, Balıkesir, Diyarbakır, Eskişehir, Isparta, Kırşehir, Kocaeli, Mersin, Muş and Yozgat.

The Platform said that in the case of 10 of the 24 women killed, the pretext on which they were murdered could not be established. 13 of them were killed because they wanted to make decisions about their own life, such as wanting to divorce, refusing to reconcile, refusing to marry, rejecting a relationship. One woman was killed on economic grounds.

The report also underlined that the reason why the motives behind 10 of the femicides could not be established was because of the attempts to cover up the killings and make femicides invisible.

The report said: “Unless it is determined by whom and why women were killed, unless a fair trial is held and the suspects, accused and murderers receive deterrent punishments and preventive measures are implemented, violence will continue and will increase.”