Women ask: "Where is Gülistan Doku?"

Free Young Women organized an action in Kadıköy demanding what happened to university student Gülistan Doku, who suspiciously disappeared in Dersim.

Members of Free Young Women (ÖGK) gathered in Kadıköy and held a demonstration in front of Süreyya Opera demanding to know what happened to Munzur University student, who has been missing in Dersim for 13 days. There is a claim that the young student might have committed suicide, but many don't believe this version. Women chanted slogans such as "Where is Gülistan?", "We want her alive", "Real justice, not male justice".

Aze Deniz Akşar read the statement on behalf of the ÖGK. She underlined that there is misleading information shared by the police, the gendarmerie and the search teams. "It is said that Gülistan was last seen with her ex boyfriend who cannot be found. Searches are limited, the state is hiding what has happened to Gülistan."

The last images filmed by security cameras show Gülistan climbing aboard a minibus after talking with her ex boyfriend. But she is not seen stepping out again. As it appeared she simply vanished...

Dirayet Dilan Taşdemir, spokesperson for the women’s councils of the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP), said in Dersim: "In a region where not only people but mountains are searched with a fine tooth comb, a woman remains untraceable."