Women in Wuppertal send postcards to women behind bars in Turkey

The Wuppertal Women's Council Viyan has initiated a postcard campaign to mark the approaching Women's Struggle Day on 8 March. The cards were sent to "wonderful advocates of women's rights" who are imprisoned in Turkey.

8 March is International Women's Struggle Day. The Viyan Women's Council, active in Wuppertal, took this day as an opportunity to initiate a postcard campaign for political prisoners imprisoned in Turkey. The cards have been sent to numerous prisons, an activist involved in the campaign told ANF.

"We see this campaign as a small tribute to the strong, courageous and wonderful advocates of women's rights who continue their struggle even in the dungeons of the regime," said the activist. In this way, she said, they wanted to express once again that women political prisoners are of eminent importance to the struggle for women's liberation. "We admire them for their unwavering commitment to all of us, even behind prison walls, and for defending women's rights that have been fought for. Therefore, we have sent them the warmest greetings and hugs," the message read.

The Viyan Women's Council is also calling on structures in other cities to conduct such campaigns, saying that it is iöportant to let the women imprisoned in Turkey know that you admire them and how proud you are of them.