Women read Abdullah Öcalan's books in Amûdê

Kongra Star organised an event to read Abdullah Öcalan's books in Amûde. Women read and discussed the topics written by Abdullah Öcalan in his defence.

In line with the international campaign for ‘Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan, a political solution to the Kurdish question’, events have been organised in North and East Syria for a long time to read books by Abdullah Öcalan.

As in all cities of North-East Syria, the Kurdish leader's books are read in Amûdê city of Cizre Canton.

Kongra Star organised an event with the participation of women to read the defence book ‘The Kurdish Question and Democratic Nation Solution’ written by Öcalan.

Women, who come together 4 times a month, read and discuss Öcalan's books and defences.

Kongra Star members Nûra Hisên and Roşan Hiso read a section of the book ‘The Kurdish Question and Democratic Nation Solution’. After the reading, the women shared their views on the chapters read.

Drawing attention to the system of capitalism, Kongra Star member Nûra Hisên evaluated the hostility of the capitalist system, which disintegrates society, to the common life of the peoples.

Nûra Hisên said: ‘Leader Abdullah Öcalan defends the cause of women's freedom. He fought for women to get to know their essence and identity. We, too, should spread the ideas and thoughts of the leader."

Îman Deqorî, a member of the Kongra Star Education Committee, said, ‘Reading Leader Abdullah Öcalan's books illuminates the path to women's freedom.  It opens the way to solve the problems of society."