Women writers in Rojava: KDP should adopt a pro-Kurdistan stance

Women writers and literary figures from Rojava point out that all conscientious people should stand against the Turkish state's plans in Southern Kurdistan and call on the KDP to adopt a pro-Kurdistan stance.

Reactions are growing in the face of the provocations by the Kurdistan Regional Government’s ruling party KDP (Kurdistan Democratic Party) which deploys troops to the guerrilla areas in Southern Kurdistan in line with the plans of the Turkish state.

Speaking on the issue, women members of the Cizre Region Intellectuals Union and the Rojava Literature Committee stated that the KDP's provocations harmed the Kurdish people and urged the KDP to adopt a pro-Kurdistan attitude.


Hesîna Ehmed, a member of the Intellectuals Union, expressed her views on the issue with the following words: “Although KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) and PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) called for dialogue for the resolution of the problems, the KDP responded to these calls with a declaration of war. As women intellectuals, we believe that this war will not benefit anyone, and only the enemies of the Kurds will derive benefits from it. If such a war breaks out, the Kurds will be perceived in the eyes of the world as a community that cannot maintain internal peace. This situation would lead to a great suffering for us. For this reason, the KDP should adopt a Kurdish stance and should not be fooled by the schemes of the enemies like the Turkish state. "

Bêrîvan Oso also called for dialogue, stating that the Kurdish people have been in resistance against persecution for years and that they want no more fratricide among the Kurds.


Narîman Evdikê, a member of the Rojava Literature Committee, pointed to national unity for the protection of the achievements made by the Kurdish people thanks to the martyrs and for the Kurds to live in peace and tranquility.

Enahîta Sîno, co-chair of the Union of Intellectuals in the Cizre Region, stated that the Turkish state encouraged the KDP to fight the war in order to protect its interests and to realize its dirty plans, adding, “In all parts of Kurdistan, the Kurds must maintain a common attitude and stand against the plans. Kurdish forces should put aside their contradictions and work for the interests of the Kurdish people.”