YJA Star: The AKP/MHP regime has miscalculated and will not come through

The headquarters command of the Free Women's Troops (YJA Star) has addressed a message to the fighters in the resistance areas, stressing that this war is a matter of "to be or not to be".

Since April 17, the Turkish army has been carrying out a large-scale invasion of the guerrilla-held Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq). It is encountering fierce resistance and suffering heavy losses. The headquarters command of the Free Women's Troops (YJA Star) addressed the fighters on the resistance fronts in a speech. The command first commemorates the martyrs of this war and congratulates its forces on their success so far.

"It's about preventing the libertarian paradigm"

Referring to the resistance, but also the massive participation in the women's protests on March 8 and the great Newroz celebrations this year, the YJA Star Headquarters Command stated the following: "Women have seized the opportunity to bring to life the paradigm of democratic civilization, inspired by Rêber Apo (Abdullah Öcalan), which has now existed for 50 years. Thus, there are greater opportunities than ever before to achieve the liberation of the Kurdish people, the peoples of the Middle East and the world. Under the reality of the Third World War, the conditions of the victory of the peoples' desire for freedom against all the patriarchal, etatist and power-oriented systems are to be fought for. The guerrilla is the manifestation of these desires for freedom. In order to prevent the realization of the freedom paradigm, the forces of the international conspiracy have imprisoned Rêber Apo in the torture system of Imrali, which is against every human and legal norm, and new attacks are taking place against the existence of our people and the bases of the guerrillas. 

"The role of the international hegemonic powers"

Therefore, behind every attack on Rêber Apo and the guerrillas are the international hegemonic powers. The international silence towards the intensification of the torture system in Imrali, the oppression of our people through inhuman practices and all kinds of attacks, including the use of chemical weapons, has its origin in the complicity with the AKP/MHP regime. It is these forces that maintain the rotten fascist AKP/MHP regime and try to use it against our movement without knowing any limits. They are concerned with preventing the implementation of the Apoist paradigm and thus an alternative (to capitalist modernity).

"The resistance of the freedom forces is of strategic importance"

Our militant forces, who have shown with their resistance what love and morality mean in the 21st century, are waging a great war to implement the Apoist paradigm, holding the freedom front and defending the values fought for. It is the line of resistance that has been shown throughout 2021 and is now manifesting itself in Zap and Avaşîn under exceptional conditions. In this way, the ideological line and identity of the resistance forces and the quality of their militancy based on the Apoist paradigm is revealed. This reality represents not only the dignity of the Kurdish people, but also of all women and humanity. It is obvious that you, women comrades, act in this consciousness and reflect this dignity. The rotting Turkish fascism tries to keep itself alive by destroying the free and dignified Kurds. As strategic as this attack is, so is the resistance against it. Therefore, this war we are waging is a war of liberation of peoples and women under the conditions of the Third World War.

"The fascist regime miscalculates"

The AKP/MHP fascism is relentlessly attacking the values of free Kurdish identity and the guerrillas defending these values and our country. The regime thought it could suffocate the spirit of freedom in fear by using all its technology and bombing every square inch of our territory, but it has come up against the resistance of the Apoist militants once again in Zap and Avaşîn areas. Now it has to face the reality that it has miscalculated again.

"Collaboration is unjustifiable betrayal of human values"

The attacks of the regime are directed against the free Kurdish identity and the Apoist movement. The attack on the Kurds targets all human values. In view of the obviousness of these aims, any cooperation with the fascist regime is undoubtedly a betrayal of the free Kurdish identity and human values that cannot be justified by anything. Our free forces are fighting against the etatist system manifested in AKP/MHP fascism and the reality of the traitorous, enslaved 'Kurd' in the form of KDP, they represent the values of humanity. In the 21st century, so many opportunities have emerged for the freedom of the Kurdish people. Meanwhile, collaborators with their misogyny and enmity towards the Kurdish people are trying to take away these opportunities in the dirtiest way for the rulers.

"Organized expression of the will for freedom"

The resistance to this attack is now entering its eighth day. This resistance will represent the tradition of struggle in the Zap region in the strongest way possible and will inflict another defeat on the enemy. This resistance will be led by our YJA Star militants with their creative actions and determination to win freedom based on the Apoist paradigm. Our YJA Star militants are thus fulfilling the mission appropriate to their organized identity. We salute and celebrate these friends who, with great love of freedom and high morale, effectively strike the enemy, despite omnipresent bombardment, thus representing the free woman at the highest level. It is certain that this war for the freedom of Rêber Apo, the future of women and our people will be transformed into achievements. This war will be waged with the utmost creativity and professionalism, preparing the certain defeat of fascism and treason.

"The enemy will not come through”

You, comrades, are aware of this reality. You show it with your modern guerrilla resistance, your tactical wealth and your sacrificial warfare. This attack is an attack on the life of Rêber Apo, the gains of our 50-year struggle, on our movement, and on the central bases of our guerrillas. Therefore, the enemy will not come through. In the most creative way, they will be stopped. These mountains represent the indomitability of the free Kurdish identity, the freedom of the country and of the woman. In this background, in our resistance tradition filled with love for life, we will continue to hold the enemy accountable, force AKP/MHP fascism into defeat and win. In this determination, we once again remember our fallen comrades with respect and gratitude and salute our HPG and YJA star militants on the Zap and Avaşîn fronts. In the 21st century, the Apoist line and the Democratic Nation system will win and the patriarchal, etatist system and its collaborators will lose."