YJA Star: The PKK is the movement of hope for all peoples

Celebrating the foundation anniversary of the PKK, YJA Star Central said, "PKK is the movement of hope for all peoples. PKK is the name of insisting on remaining human. Being a PKK member is the definition of remaining honourable in the 21st century."

The Central Headquarters Command of YJA Star (Free Women’s Troops) made a statement marking the 45th founding anniversary of the PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party).

The statement released by YJA Star Central Headquarters Command on Sunday includes the following:

"We welcome this 27th of November, the 46th anniversary of our party, which is also the 51st year of struggle of our Leader, with the great enthusiasm of the belief in victory in our positions where we have peaked our resistance. We greet with love, respect and great longing our Leader, who has carried us to this day, and we celebrate this day for our Leader, all our comrades resisting in prisons, the families of our martyrs, our patriotic people who are devoted to the PKK cause and the world humanity. We commemorate with respect and gratitude all our comrades from Haki Karer to Axîn Muş, Jîndar Rûmet Meyaser, Andok and Egîd Kobani, who have been eternalised in the Apoist sacrifice line, and we express our promise and determination to crown our resistance with victory as a requirement of loyalty to their memories.

'Our Party is the embodiment of the resurrection of a people'

Our Party, as the embodiment of the resurrection of a people, has been waging a great struggle for existence for nearly half a century. Today, the most intensified version of this is being waged in Zap, Hill Amediyê, Hill Cûdî, Şehit Pîrdoğan and in the four parts of Kurdistan. The pioneer of this unique resistance waged by the most valuable sons and daughters of our people is Leader Apo (Abdullah Öcalan). Since the first day he started his freedom march, Leader Apo has never for a moment compromised on the morality of freedom. This principled stance of Leader Apo has become a character in our people and today the PKK has reached a leadership that inspires the whole world.

Especially the participation of Kurdish women in the PKK movement from the very beginning, in the person of Sara and her likes, has turned the PKK into a women's party. In this sense, the women who united under the slogan 'Jin, Jiyan, Azadî' (Woman, Life, Freedom) have set the most concrete example in the expression of this female essence of the PKK. As the party of the exploited, oppressed and ignored peoples, women and youth, the PKK has demonstrated that it is the most effective means of freedom by developing self-defence consciousness in all segments of society. And it is women who have embraced this the most. The women's self-defence forces organised as YPJ (Women’s Defense Units) and YJŞ (Shengal Women’s Units) from Rojava to Shengal are the visible expression of this. The YJA Star, which has been fighting in the mountains for more than 30 years as the most effective means of freedom, is the monument of honour of the woman who came to life in the PKK. Women who deeply felt the fact that those who could not realise their self-defence would be condemned to slavery, that is, extinction, united in the PKK, became PAJK and YJA Star, and succeeded in transforming the historical defeat of women into victory. In this context, the PKK is the party of women's victory. The PKK is the main living space where women's greatest gains have been realised. The woman who realised her rebirth in the PKK is the birth of a new society, and thus of a new life. The woman who gains willpower in the PKK is the society that gains willpower and fights for its freedom. The PKK is the party of our people, women and all humanity. The PKK is the only alternative of the reality of free life in which the new life is embodied.

The international conspiracy against our Leader, who created all these developments, was realised to prevent these developments. The main purpose of the insistence on the absolute isolation of our leader is to completely sever our leader's ties with our movement, the people and women, and to erase our leader, who creates continuous development, from the social memory. However, these efforts have been frustrated for 25 years in the person of our Leader. With his 'breathless' resistance, our leader has shown everyone, especially us militants, how to frustrate the conspiracy. In this context, our attitude towards the immoral war against the paradigm of democratic modernity in the person of the guerrilla is to resist to the end with the strength we take from our leader. The compass of Leyla Sorxwîn, Axîn Muş, Destan Botan, Ardem Ararat and dozens of other martyred comrades has been the resistance attitude revealed in the stance of the Leader. Our basic reality that makes us fight is this stance put forward by our Leader and our martyrs.

'We call on everyone to be a soldier of the freedom dance'

As the militants of the leader and the successors of our martyrs, we are also in position, in action and in resistance. With the awareness that the PKK is a movement of labour and revenge, every day we hit colonialism right in the heart like Sara and Ruken, Rojhat and Erdal did. The most recent revolutionary operation action at Hill Amediye, in which 49 invaders were punished, is once again proof that the PKK militancy, advancing in the line of the Leader and martyrs, will sooner or later but surely defeat colonialism. In this sense, we believe that the insistence on the PKK militancy, which has been in resistance for 46 years and every moment of which is experienced breathlessly, will bring our people, women and humanity the free future they deserve, and we call on everyone who seeks freedom to be a soldier of the freedom dance around this glorious resistance.

With each passing day, the influence of the PKK is spreading, the injustice of the conspiracy against our Leader is being exposed, and the crime of genocide against our people is being understood. The participation from 74 countries of the world in the campaign launched with the slogan 'Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan, Solution to the Kurdish Question' and the increasing efforts to remove the PKK from the terrorist list are linked to this reality. Everyone who meets with the PKK sees the rightness of the PKK's ideological, political and military line and agrees with this rightness. This level that the PKK has reached is a great achievement particularly for our people and for the entire world humanity. In this sense, the PKK is a stand against injustice, inequality and marginalisation. The PKK is the movement of hope for all peoples. PKK is the name of insisting on remaining human. Being a member of the PKK is the definition of remaining honourable in the 21st century. In this context, we once again salute our Leader, who has conduced to our resurrection with the PKK, and congratulate him once again on this sacred day. Our struggle will be based on claiming and protecting the PKK life created by our Leader until the end.

As YJA Star forces, we have reached the level to perform the most effective strike with the vast experience we have gained in the war. Our strength is professional, warrior and sacrificial. With this power and motivation, there is no task that we cannot accomplish, and we have the determination and ability to overcome all obstacles. In this sense, we welcome the coming year on the basis of the claim to embrace our gains, to expand them and to win victory. Our tasks for the period are clear and we are ready. We know that our people will embrace our glorious resistance in this process in which we are in resistance at every moment, and with the strength we receive from them, we are advancing towards our goals with unwavering determination. We welcome the process with the militant reality locked on victory and express our promise and determination to resist until the end. Victory will surely be for those who resist in the Apoist sacrifice line."