YPJ announces the death of two fighters in Turkish airstrike

YPJ General Command announced that fighters Arîn Kobanê and Sorxwîn Celal were martyred in an airstrike carried out by the occupying Turkish state against a vehicle in Kobanê.

The General Command of the Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) released a statement announcing the death of two of its fighters, Arîn Kobanê and Sorxwîn Celal, in an air attack carried out by the occupying Turkish state.

The genocidal and occupying Turkish state is in a state of barbaric aggression against our fighters, our patriotic people and revolutionary pioneers. On 3 April, our comrades Arîn Kobanê and Commander Sorxwîn Celal were martyred in the attack carried out in Kobanê. We bow respectfully in front of their memories and commemorate them with reverence. We express our condolences to their patriotic families, our people and our comrades, and we state that we will avenge these attacks one by one,” said the YPJ statement on Saturday.


Our comrade Arîn Kobanê was born in a patriotic family and grew up with patriotic culture. Despite her young age, she took her place in the revolutionary struggle. With her labour and talents, she became a member of the freedom revolution. With her consciousness of defending her people, she became a strong pioneer by participating in all moves and tasks with her exemplary militant measures.


Born into a patriotic family of the Pinyanişî tribe of Çele, our comrade Sorxwîn grew up with Kurdish culture. Our comrade Sorxwîn, who received her education from the source of patriotism, actively participated in the uprisings that developed on the streets of Çele against the occupying forces. When ISIS gangs attacked Kobanê with the support of the occupying Turkish state, our comrade Sorxwin turned to resistance. Until the moment of her martyrdom, she took part in all the moves in the battles of Til Berak, Til Hemis, Hesekê and Serêkaniyê with great courage and sacrifice, leading at the front lines.

Our comrade Sorxwîn, who lost one eye in the war and became a war veteran, was wounded many times. She was a commander with a big heart, she knew how to place every comrade in her heart. She was known for her modest and patient personality. She was loved by all her comrades and made a deep impression on each of them.

We convey our condolences to their families and our patriotic people, and we reiterate that we will increase our struggle in the way of the aims and ideals of our martyrs. We will raise the flag we took over from them and crown it with victory. We ask our people to embrace the cause of our martyrs. We must be sensitive to the attacks and treacherous games of the enemy and take an attitude where necessary.”