YPJ fighter Cûdî Egîd martyred in Turkish drone attack

Announcing the martyrdom of one of their fighters in a Turkish drone strike, YPJ promised the martyrs for the freedom of the peoples to create a free and meaningful future.

The Press Office of the Women's Defence Units (YPJ) announced the martyrdom of one of their fighters, Cûdî Egîd, in a Turkish drone attack on 11 May in the town of Çelebiyê (Jalabiyya), which lies between Kobanê and the occupied Girê Spî (Tal Abyad).

In an obituary paying tribute to the fallen fighter, YPJ Press Office said the following:

"The Women's Revolution of Rojava is a sacred refuge for all people who want to be free. Our ancient land has produced great heroines. The border lines drawn by the rulers have lost their meaning with the Rojava Revolution and the unity of peoples has received a new boost with the resistance of courageous women against the mentality of genocide.

Our companion Cûdî Egîd (Tuğba Karakoç) was born in 1995 into a patriotic family in Amed. The place of birth plays a determining role in a person's socialisation. The tradition of resistance emanating from the magnificent city walls in Amed contributed to comrade Cûdî taking a revolutionary path in her life.

Inspired by two of her brothers who joined the liberation movement, comrade Cûdî too was looking for a free life and wanted to make a choice. She stood up against the genocidal mentality of the Turkish state and took to the mountains of Kurdistan in 2013 with the spirit of resistance of Amed. There she gained great experience and allowed the dream of a free and independent Kurdistan to grow in her heart. With this great hope, she continued to develop on a military and ideological level.

After her struggle in the mountains of freedom, comrade Cûdî came to Rojavayê Kurdistanê due to the attacks of the terrorist organisation DAESH [ISIS]. As a militant of the YPJ, she fought relentlessly against the barbarism of the century with the spirit of that time.

With her attitude, her modesty and her joy of life, she took a special place among her companions. She fought armed against those in power and against the occupation, thus becoming an expression of the heroic deeds that have taken place and continue to take place in this country.

With the same enthusiasm that she showed on the first day in the ranks of the revolution, she participated in many different areas. She shouldered the burden of the revolution with a selfless and sacrificial attitude to create a free, democratic society based on free women despite all the difficulties.

Comrade Cûdi was martyred on 11 May by an air strike carried out by an armed drone of the Turkish occupying state, which wants to eliminate the leaders of the women's revolution of Rojava with these vile attacks.

The level of our revolution is developing both in the defence forces and in the popular movement under the leadership of women. This fact puts our enemies like Erdoğan in great fear. Erdoğan and the Turkish state, with its history of genocides, want to restore their destroyed psychological state with these attacks. However, we have sworn to defend at all costs the values left to us as a legacy by those who died in the struggle for freedom.

Our never-ending struggle has produced countless brave women and men. Comrade Cûdî was one of those countless heroines who fought until their last breath against the mentality of genocide and occupation.

We give our word to our martyrs for the freedom of the peoples to create a free and meaningful future. We express our sympathy to the Karakoç family and to all patriotic people from our nation who are fighting for their dignity and values. We promise revenge."

The ID information of the fallen YPJ fighter is as follows:

Nom de Guerre: Cûdî Egîd

First-Last Name: Tuğba Karakoç

Mother’s name: Müzeyyen

Father’s name: Mehmet Sadık

Place of birth: Amed / 1995

Place and date of martyrdom: Jalabiyya / 11.05.2023