YPJ fighter dies in traffic accident in Tabqa

YPJ General Command announced the death of fighter Ezda Berxwedan Cûdî in a traffic accident in Tabqa.

The General Command of the Women's Defence Units (YPJ) in North-East Syria announced the death of fighter Ezda Berxwedan Cûdî in a traffic accident in Tabqa on Wednesday.

In an obituary, the YPJ paid tribute to the long-time fighter, stating the following:

"By joining the ranks of freedom, the brave women of this country express their attachment to the values of the revolution. Our comrade Ezda Berxwedan Cûdî, whose civil name was Lîna Elo, was a woman who at a young age had escaped the injustices of the system of capitalist modernity and turned her face to the fronts of freedom to build a free and equal life.

The patriotic culture in which Ezda grew up was crucial in the development of her personality. Comrade Ezda, who was a sister of our comrade Aslan Qendîl, who fell in the Kobanê resistance, considered defending the cause of the martyrs as an indispensable task of her life.

Our comrade Ezda aspired to realise her childhood dreams with her young spirit in the liberation struggle. Her love for free life was always the basis for her to take the resistance to a new level. Her decision to join our ranks as a young woman made her a source of morale and passion everywhere. Selfless efforts and sacrifice were the aspects of her personality that came to the fore.

The expression 'The most beautiful women in the world are fighting against by far the ugliest of ruling mentalities' embodies its true meaning in comrades like Ezda. She was a brave woman who fought against the brutal terror gangs of ISIS in the liberation offensives in Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor. She did so on the frontline, with self-confidence, strength, confidence and a deep awareness of the reality of genocidal hegemonic powers to liberate her people and women from oppression. She identified with the struggle for the liberation of the people and represented free life until her last breath.

We carry hope that the young souls who have dedicated themselves to the cause of people's freedom will make the future a little brighter. Ezda was one of our companions who expressed the spirit of the everlasting revolution. In view of her loss, we extend our condolences to the patriotic public and especially to the family of Comrade Ezda and reaffirm our pledge that we will follow in the footsteps of our martyrs in building a free homeland."

The identity information of the fallen YPJ fighter is as follows:

Nom de Guerre: Ezda Berxwedan Cûdî

First-Last Name: Lîna Elo

Mother's Name: Wesfiye

Father's Name: Hikmet

Date and Place of Martyrdom: 09.08.2023, Tabqa