YPJ: Our will is stronger than any weapon

The YPJ Command emphasized that with great faith and deep love, they will resist to the last drop of blood against the aggressive war on Afrin.

The command of Women's Defense Units YPJ has issued the following statement on the resistance in Afrin.

"For 44 days a historic resistance is being mounted. This resistance, which continues today in Çiyayê Kurmênc, is undoubtedly the legacy of Kobanê's resistance. Dozens of young women and men stand up to their last breath as shields against the attacks of the Turkish occupation state and its terrorist groups of the Islamic State, al-Nusra and al-Qaeda. Every day, barbaric attacks aimed at exposing the population to genocide take place in the regions of Canton Afrin. The invasive Turkish state is anxious to revive the Ottoman occupation. As their ancestors did, they continue the plunder policy. This reality can be seen very clearly in Afrin today.

Against these attacks, our historic resistance continues with the spirit of Arîn Mîrkan and Avesta Xabûr. The Kurdish women write history with their fighting spirit in Afrin. The Women's Defense Units use their strength and resistance to instill fear in the ranks of the enemy. The Çiyayê Kurmênc in Afrin is the continuation of the epic of Miştenur. Just as Arîn Mîrkan became the hope of those whose hearts beat for freedom by annihilating the IS gangs, so did Avesta Xabûr defiantly defeat the Turkish occupying army on Çiyayê Kurmênc with their resistance.

The Turkish occupation state has been conducting a barbaric war of aggression against Afrin for 44 days using sophisticated weapon technology. Despite these barbaric attacks, the forces of the YPJ and YPG are mounting historic resistance. If a state were attacked with just that weapon technology used in Afrin, it would not last 44 hours.

It is clear that the will of our fighters and our people is stronger than any kind of weapon technology, no matter how sophisticated it is. Before the eyes of the world our resistance in Afrin has proved itself. If only one of us remains, we will not allow the Turkish state and its gangs to move forward.

Our resistance, which always grows through faith, love and struggle, will destroy the invasion intentions of the ruling powers. Everyone should know that the bond of the Afrin resistance fighters is the way of Arîn, Gelhat, Rêvan, Peyman, Destîna, Avesta and Barîn. We will not give way to the dirty plans of the occupiers.

As YPJ Command, we greet the women's delegations from Shengal, Cizîr, Kobanê, Raqqa, Tabqa, Dêiz ez-Zor, Aleppo and Southern Kurdistan. We also greet the women of Afrin, who for days have taken their place next to the fighters. We emphasize our determination to continue our fight for freedom to the last drop of blood.

The world we live in is witness to the unjust, barbaric attacks on Afrin, but it prefers to close its eyes, not to hear and to remain silent. This shows us that the word justice written on white letters consists of a lie. If there was true justice, countless women and children would not be killed in v. As a movement that believes in its power, we will never rely on others. We have not cherished expectations of others in the past and will not do so in the future. Everyone should be aware that there is a danger of genocide in Afrin. Those who say they are defenders of human rights should fulfill their duties.

As the command of Women's Defense Units YPJ, we continue our struggle until the dreams of our fallen soldiers are fulfilled. Our first duty is to hoist the flag of the fallen in the sky. In order to protect human values ​​and our people, we will do everything in our power.

The victory belongs to those who fight for freedom. The resistance of Afrin will save all mankind. "