YPJ Spokesperson: We avenged women by liberating Kovan from ISIS

YPJ Press Centre Spokesperson Rûken Cemal said that they took revenge for women by rescuing Yazidi Kovan from ISIS.

The Internal Security Forces completed the third phase of Operation Humanity and Security, which was launched on 27 January with the support of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the Women's Defence Units (YPJ).

YPJ Press Centre Spokesperson Rûken Cemal said, "The operation was necessary. One of the most important results was the liberation of a Yazidi woman from the clutches of ISIS. Kovan, a Yazidi woman who had been kidnapped and tortured by the gangs many years ago, was liberated."

The young woman, who was rescued by YPJ from ISIS gangs on 4 February, stated that she had been pressured by the gangs not to reveal her identity, that she had been living in difficult conditions and in fear for 5 years in the camp.

Rûken said: "Rescuing Kovan Ebdo Xorto, who is from Herdan village of Shengal, is a victory and pride for us."

Rûken Cemal stated that the liberation of Kovan has a great meaning for YPJ and added that they promised Yazidi women to take revenge against ISIS and destroy their mentality of power.

Referring to ISIS’ methods of spreading its ideas through women, Rûken said: "Unfortunately, women play a big role in this field, especially in the Muhajirat section of the Hol Camp where radical ideas are spread. This is a serious danger. We tried to prevent this. We wanted to eliminate this danger through operations, capturing those who spread these ideas and preventing them from taking over the minds of children."

Regarding the role of YPJ in the operation, Rûken said, "YPJ played an active role. It led the operation and took the responsibility of protecting the women living in the camp from the evil of ISIS cells."

Stating that YPJ led the search for weapons and tools used by ISIS in murders, Rûken underlined that YPJ will continue to lead the fight against ISIS.

Stressing that their struggle will continue until all the abducted Yazidi women are rescued, Rûken said, "A year ago, we rescued a Yazidi woman in Idlib. We will continue our work until the end and rescue all Yazidi women from the dark forces."

Rûken drew attention to the crimes committed in Afrin, Serêkaniyê, Azaz, Bab and Jarablus and vowed that YPJ will continue its efforts to rescue all women from the dark forces and occupiers.