12th Kurdish Culture Week in Basel ends today

The Dengbêj were the centre of the 12th Kurdish Culture Week in Basel.


The 12th Kurdish Culture Week, is an event traditionally held every year in Basel. Today, Sunday, the event is on its 4th and last day. The event will end at 2.30pm with a concert by artists Hîvron, Xecê and Dilan Top at the Basel Democratic Kurdish Cultural Center conference hall.

The week this year featured the theater play "Bêlome" prepared by artists affiliated with the Swiss Democratic Kurdish Culture and Art Movement and the film "Jiyana Min Her Şer Bû" about the life of Sakine Cansız.

On Saturday, a conversation about the Kurdish language and culture and the art of dengbêj was held at the Basel Democratic Kurdish Community Center conference hall.

Artists Cewad Merwanî, Hozan Şemdîn, Şengül Aslan and Kawa Urmiyê performed at the Dengbêj Divan, while poet Dilber Hêma read poetry.

Writer Yaqoup Tilermeni also spoke at the event.