5 killed in successful retaliation operation in Manbij countryside

Manbij Military Council conducted an operation in retaliation for the martyrdom of three fighters of the Women’s Military Council as a result of a Turkish UAV strike on 15 September.

In retaliation for the martyrdom of the fighters from the Women’s Military Council, Commander "Shervin Sardar,” along with her comrades “Nojan Ojlan” and “Janda Judi” in a Turkish attack on 15 September, the Manbij Military Council conducted an operation yesterday against Turkish-backed mercenaries in the countryside of Manbij.

A statement issued by the Media Center of the Manbij Military Council confirmed that the retaliatory operation specifically targeted positions held by the Sultan Murad mercenaries, situated between the villages of “Tal Ali” and “Al-Suhayb” in the Manbij countryside.

The statement further verified the elimination of five Turkish-backed mercenaries and the injury of seven others. Additionally, three enemy outposts were successfully neutralized, various weapons, including a DShK, RBC, and other medium-grade armaments were confiscated, and two military vehicles were destroyed.