9th Rojava Culture and Arts Festival continues in Qamishlo

The 9th Rojava Culture and Arts Festival continued on the 4th day with seminars on Kurds and Kurdistan.

The 9th Rojava Culture and Arts Festival, organized by the Rojava Kurdistan Intellectuals Union (HRRK) continued on its fourth day at HRRK's headquarters in Qamishlo.

Members of the intellectuals' union and institutions, writers and press organizations attended the festival. On Monday, a seminar titled "Kurdology" was given by author Faris Osman, while a seminar titled "Xoybûn Organization" was given by author Dilawer Zengî.

Faris Osman said: “The first book about Kurds was published in 1288, the first dictionary in Kurdish language by Mawirytsiyo Garzoni was published in Rome. During the French occupation of Kurdistan, French delegations introduced Kurdish culture to other parts of the world. German support was given after the defeat of the Ottoman Empire and the discovery of oil in Kurdistan, and everything changed."

Talking about the Xoybûn Organization, Dilawer Zengî said: “After the Sheik Seyîd revolution, the Kurdish people faced many difficulties, they needed to establish an organization, because the fire of resistance had not gone out in many regions of Kurdistan at that time. Kurds who had to migrate to Rojava Kurdistan came together here and founded the Xoybûn Organization in 1927. The organization was led by Celadet Bedirxan. Many decisions were taken at the founding congress of the organization. A revolutionary struggle would be launched against the Turkish state; a rebellion would be started on Mount Agirî. Relations with surrounding countries and the Kurdish people would be improved.

Zengî added: “The organization opened an institution for the poor Kurdish people in Hesekê, 1938. It opened the first Kurdish School in Amûdê, where education was provided in Kurdish. It supported the Agirî Revolution in the military field."

The 9th Rojava Culture and Arts Festival will continue until December 28 with different events.