9th Rojava Culture and Arts Festival kicks off in Qamishlo

The 9th Rojava Culture and Arts Festival kicked off in Qamishlo. It will run until 28 December.

Rojava Kurdistan Intellectuals Union (HRRK) opened its 9th Rojava Culture and Arts Festival 2023 on Friday with the slogan "We will plant a song of freedom on the head of every martyr."

The festival, held at HRRK's headquarters in Qamishlo kicked off today and saw the participation of Autonomous Administration representatives, members of institutions and organizations, writers and poets in the region.

The festival's program includes various events, from reading of stories, poetry, to design exhibitions, seminars, music, cinema and theater brought to live but over 165 people. The festival will continue until 28 December.

Cizre Canton Culture Committee co-chair Firyal Ibrahim said that he hoped the festival would go well and added: "The Culture Committee is ready to fulfil the demands of intellectuals and writers."

Cizre Canton Intellectuals Union co-chair, Enahita Sino, drew attention to the slogan of the festival and said: "We must be worthy of this slogan, we are in this sensitive process thanks to our martyrs. For this, we need defenders of Kurdish culture and art, and this is also the duty of intellectuals and writers."

'The festival supports the art movement'

Kurdistan Writers Union-Syria deputy chair, Ebdulsemed Mehmud, said that the festival has an important role in society and that the coming together of intellectuals is an opportunity to develop a culture of mutual respect.

Kurdish Writers Union Presidential Committee member Qadir Egîd also drew attention to the absence of poet and HRRK member Ehmed Huseyni, who is currently undergoing cancer treatment abroad. Qadir Egîd said that the festival revived the art movement once again and HRRK tried to bring writers together.

Speaking on behalf of the Festival Organizing Committee, HRRK member Kemal Necim greeted the participants and said that HRRK started organizing the festival as a duty to keep the principles of Kurdishness alive and added: "The festival was held abroad in 2014. Except for 2020, this festival has been always held in Rojava Kurdistan since 2017."

Kemal Necim said that the names of the winners of the creativity award given every year by HRRK will be announced at the end of the 9th Rojava Culture and Arts Festival.

PYD Communications Office co-chair Sihanok Dibo also said that HRRK has a valuable position in its duty to protect the Kurdish people.

Dibo drew attention to the ratification of the Social Contract and said: "Steps have been taken in Rojava for more than 10 years, a foundation is being laid thanks to our martyrs."

Academic Ferid Sadun said that the Kurds resisted despite all the pressures imposed on them and despite being in the hands of nationalist authorities, and added: "The door of hope has now opened, Rojava is an opportunity for the Kurds."