A song for internationalist martyr Elefteria

A song to pay tribute to martyr Elefteria.


Young Internationalist Women, the Internationalist Commune, the Culture and Art Center of Dêrik, the cultural women's movement Hilala Zêrîn and Orkêş Studio came up with a song in memory of martyr Elefteria Hambi (Eva Maria Steiger).

The authors write about the motivation for the song, titled Elefteria: "Our comrade Elefteria Hambi became a vanguard of young women, ecological activists and anti-fascists of her century. Starting her struggle against the exploitation and destruction of nature in Northern Europe, she continued fighting the powers of death, the so-called Islamic State, which was fueled by the same capitalist powers that destroy the nature of this planet.

To become a power life, of hope and a brighter future, she went to the free mountains of Kurdistan and became a militant of a democratic modernity. As manifold as her personality and struggle was, as diverse and colorful also is her remembrance and the way she paved for those who continue her struggle. She is a comrade that connected the different lines of resistance in her personality – ecological resistance, women’s liberation and the fight against fascism and colonialism and is therefore an example of a holistic revolutionary."