Artists Aydınlar and Tolga İlhan visit Justice Vigil at Ahmet Kaya Cultural Center

Artists Pınar Aydınlar and Haluk Tolga İlhan, who visited the Ahmet Kaya Cultural Center where three Kurdish activists were killed on 23 December, shared the pain of the Kurdish people and stated that they would not attend the New Year's Eve event today.

Artists Pınar Aydınlar and Haluk Tolga İlhan visited the Justice Vigil at the Ahmet Kaya Cultural Center, which was attacked on 23 December by an armed man who killed three people.

The artists said that they were in Paris to take part to some New Year's Eve events, and added that they would not attend as a sign of respect for the martyrs.

Pınar Aydınlar: We are in Paris but we will not go to our New Year's Eve event. Because our pain is so fresh. The pain and the massacre inflicted here is not only against the Kurdish people, but against all of us. We share this pain; we bury it in our hearts. But we also know very well that our female comrades who say "Jin Jiyan Azadi", especially Comrade Evin, will never give up the struggle. Once again, we commemorate our precious friends.

Haluk Tolga İlhan: We are in Paris. Since this treacherous attack on Ahmet Kaya Cultural Center was made, we did not find it right to attend the event we were supposed to go to. We are always on the side of the oppressed, the poor and those who resist. We will organize another event at a later time.