KODAR celebrates Kurdish Language Day

The East Kurdistan Democratic and Free Society (KODAR) celebrated the Kurdish Language Day and said that preserving the Kurdish language was a moral, human and political duty.

The East Kurdistan Democratic and Free Society (Komelgeha Demokratîk û Azad a Rojhilatê Kurdistanê, KODAR) released a statement to mark the 15 May Kurdish Language Day and called for the protection of the Kurdish language for the right to freedom and education.

KODAR remarked that the enemies of the Kurdish people first attacked the Kurdish language in order to invade Kurdistan and destroy its culture.

“Mother tongue is the foundation of existence, identity and freedom for all people. The more the Kurdish people embrace their language, the closer they get to freedom and a dignified life. The existence of the Kurdish people relies on the preservation of their language. For this reason, the existence of a people has to do with the preservation of its language,” said KODAR, noting that the Kurdish language has been deprived of protection by international law and institutions.


Stressing that the Kurdish people frustrated the enemy's policies to destroy the language, marching towards freedom, KODAR concluded: “We call on all people of Kurdistan to fight for freedom and democracy against the policy of cultural genocide. Let’s protect the language in every aspect of life. The preservation of the Kurdish language gives a significant meaning to the revolution of our people. Education in Kurdish is a natural right of our people. The struggle for freedom and democracy cannot succeed without enjoying this right. We call for freedom, the right to education and the preservation of the Kurdish language.”