Kurdish art exhibition opens in Moscow

In order to introduce Kurdish folk culture to the people living in Russia, an exhibition that will last 14 days was opened in Moscow.

Kurds in Moscow promoted an exhibition to introduce their culture to Russian people. The Russian Representation of the Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria and the Russian Kurdish Women's Movement organized an exhibition, which included the works of photographers and painters from Kurdistan.

The exhibition will remain opened for 14 days. In addition to photographs and paintings, clothes and different household appliances belonging to Kurdish culture were also exhibited.

Many Kurdish intellectuals, artists and Kurds from different walks of life attended the opening of the exhibition. Zorin Vladimir Yurievich, chair of the Commission on Harmony of National and Religious Relations of the Social Assembly of the Russian Federation, said that such events strengthen the harmony between peoples. He thanked the institutions representing the Kurds living in Russia for their efforts and wished for the multiplication of such events.

Rêşad Bênav, Russian Representative of the Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria, said that the language of equality, freedom and common life passes through culture, and therefore they want to introduce Rojava Kurdistan to Russian people through culture.

Russian Women's Movement co-spokesperson Culiyeta Aram said: “Coming into contact with the cultural heritage and observing its beauties creates feelings that are difficult to explain. These feelings eliminate all boundaries and bring people closer to each other. Such events also teach people to look at the world through the eyes of different peoples."

Russian Federation Kurds National-Cultural Autonomy co-chair Farxat Patîyev, PYD Russian Representative Abdusalam Muhammed Alî, International Union of Kurdish Social Institutions co-chair Arif Azmanî, Kurdish Theater Producer Şalîko Bêkes, Kurdish Musician Kerem Gerdenzerî, as well as many guests, talked about Kurdish culture.

The opening of the event ended with the songs by Kurdish artists Sarê Hacîyeva and Mîrzağa Mamdeov.