Kurdish Film Days open in Geneva

The Kurdish Film Days, organised by the Geneva Kurdish Culture Commission, opened on Thursday.

Four films will be screened as part of the Kurdish Film Days, which have been organised by the Democratic Kurdish Community Center Culture Commission in Geneva. The event opened with a music concert by artist Zilan Stickyran.

The film directed by Haşim Aydemir, Blackberry Season (adapted from the novel with the same title, written by prisoner Murat Türk) is one of the four films screened. A short movie, Çerx, directed by writer-director Metin Ewr, has also been selected for the first day.

Today, the documentary Bakur, directed by Çayan Demirel and Ertuğrul Mavioğlu, about the life of the guerrillas during the 2013 retreat, will be screened. This will be followed by "Pelava Sor" directed by Numan Yiğit.