Legerin Magazine publishes special issue to mark 10th anniversary of Rojava Revolution

Legerin Magazine published a special issue in various languages to mark the 10th anniversary of the Rojava Revolution.

A special issue of Legerin Magazine to mark the 10th anniversary of the Rojava Revolution has just been published in various languages. The new issue deals with the topic of liberalism and the necessary struggle to overcome this destructive ideology.

The issue is available in Spanish, Portuguese, English, German, French and Italian.

In the introduction, the authors of the magazine write: "This brochure was created within the framework of an ideological education in the internationalist commune in Rojava at the Şehîd Hêlîn Qereçox Academy. We dedicated this education to the six friends of the Kurdish youth movement who were martyred by a drone attack of the Turkish fascist state in December 2021. We came together determined to unite our struggles and make this education a revenge for fallen friends."

The introduction continued: "We, internationalists from different countries and with different social and political backgrounds, found together in Rojava because we are in a common search; in search of solutions to the crisis of humanity. In search of truth and a life that is not based on exploitation and slavery, but on the freedom of society. In our attempt to understand how the capitalist system attacks us, oppresses our societies and exploits nature, we also have started to understand what traces it has left inside our personalities and how it has shaped us. We discussed and learned together, we fought with each other and with ourselves to get rid of the influences of the enemy. During this time, our understanding and our view on the methods of the hegemonic system of patriarchy and the state sharpened more and more. We were also able to develop our understanding of how the Kurdish Movement was able to uphold its resistance against the attacks of this system for more than 40 years."

The introduction added: "We, as internationalist young people, see the necessity for the liberation from capitalism, but do we see what it takes to lead this fight? Is our understanding of the enemy deep enough to oppose it? With these questions in mind, we hope that the conclusions and discussions we are sharing in this brochure will be a basis for you to join us in uncovering the ideology of capitalism – liberalism- how it fools us every day, how we fool ourselves in daily life and how it restricts and imprisons our minds. The system has not yet succeeded in extinguishing the flame of hope that burns within us. This flame is fueled by the youth spirit and the thoughts and resistance of Rêbêr Apo, who is our vanguard in opposing the attacks of liberalism in their most brutal form – being held in isolation in Imrali prison for over 22 years.

If we are able to unite as internationalist youth, we will become the force it needs to crash the walls of all the prisons this system has built – starting in our minds, going over Amed to Imrali and the whole world."