MKM's 32nd anniversary concert in Istanbul banned

MKM announced that the concert to be held on the occasion of its 32nd anniversary was banned and stated that they will announce the new venue and time tomorrow.

The Mesopotamia Cultural Centre's (MKM) 32nd anniversary concert, which was set to take place on 16 December at Yahya Kemal Beyatlı Performing Arts Centre in Küçükcekmece, Istanbul with the slogan "Free future, free art", has been banned.

A statement made by MKM on Friday said: "Our 32nd year concert has been banned again by the Küçükçekmece District Governorate without any justification. We will announce the venue and time of our concert at a press conference. The details will be shared with our people and the public at a press conference at 11.00 tomorrow."  

MKM's 30th anniversary event had also been banned back in 2021. Istanbul 6th Administrative Court cancelled the decision banning MKM's 30th anniversary event on the grounds that it "violated freedom of expression, freedom of science and art, and the right to peaceful assembly". The court ruling, however, did not relieve the victimisation experienced by the group.