Osman Sabri Literature Festival will be dedicated to Melayê Cizirî

This year's theme of the Osman Sabri Literature Festival, which will be held on 1 November, is "Melayê Cizirî".

The Jazira Region Culture Committee and North and East Syria Literature Council are preparing for the 7th Osman Sabri Literature Festival. The Festival Preparatory Committee announced the conditions for participating in the festival.

The festival is held throughout Kurdistan, Northern and Eastern Syria. Competitors will participate in the festival only in the field of poetry with a poem that has not been published anywhere before. The age of the contestants must be over 18 and the works must be in Kurdish, Arabic and Syriac.

The Osman Sabri Literature Festival is normally held on 11 October, but this year will be held on 1 November.

Nariman Evdikê, spokesperson of the Northern and Eastern Syria Literary Council, said that the festival was postponed due to the occupation of Serêkaniyê (9 October 2019) and the anniversary of the martyrdom of Hevrin Xelef, Former Secretary General of the Future of Syria Party.

The theme of the 7th Osman Sabri Literature Festival will be 'Kurdish Poet and Writer Melayê Cizirî'.

Evdikê stated that some parties in Bakur Kurdistan and Turkey were making false reports and research about Melayê Cizirî and trying to deny his being Kurdish, and that for this reason, they designated 2023 as the year of Melayê Cizir in Rojava Kurdistan.

Melayê Cizirî lived in the Sirnak district of Cizre between 1570 and 1640.

Awards and projects

A signing ceremony will be held for those who are successful in the competition and their works will be published under the name "Osman Sebri Festival Publications". The main purpose of this step is the establishment of a library called Osman Sebri.

The 7th Osman Sabri Literature Festival will be held in Qamisho, but the festival program has not been determined yet.