Patriotic Tribes Initiative: Do not sit at the table of those who are hostile to the Kurds

Kurdistan Patriotic Tribes Initiative said, "Do not sit at the table of those who are hostile to Kurds, unite around the values of our people."

The Kurdistan Patriotic Tribes Initiative made a statement on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr. Calling on Kurds to "unite around values", the statement said the following:

"In the 31 March local elections, a great success was achieved in many cities, especially in Van. In addition to this great success, unfortunately, as in the past elections, some tribal leaders chose to be on the side of the system instead of their people. Our patriotic people should know that these approaches hinder the Kurdish people's struggle for rights and harm our unity. These individuals travelled from party to party, ignoring the democratic preferences of the tribal members and trying to make a profit by selling their votes to those parties. Neither we nor any patriot will and should not forget this. We are nobody's sharecroppers and slaves. Our preference will always be to stand firmly by our just cause.

Our call to our dear people and all tribes is that our attitude and stance must be clear against whoever does not protect his people, his tribe and his core values, whoever tries to make a profit over the blood of Kurdish youth, whoever is in treason. Do not sit at the table of rusipi, aghas who sit at the table of the system, because they are trying to gain profit on our blood and lives at the table of the system. They betray the values of Kurdistan. We call on aghas, opinion leaders and business people not to sit at the table of those who are hostile to the Kurdish people, to unite around the values of our people and to turn back from your mistakes. If you can't do anything, sit at home and don't disrupt the struggle of your brothers and sisters."

The tribes that signed the statement are as follows: "Gewdan, Mamxuran, Alan, Şîdan, Şerefan, Jîrkî, Ezdinan, Xelilan, Xaviştan, Mahmedpiran, Zêwkî, Hacan, Giravyan, Birûkî , Pinyanişî, Celalî, Hesenan, Heyderan, Milli, Evdoyi, Şemsikî, Hemoyî, Bekirî, Marunisî, Goyî, Tayi, Spêrtî, Kiroyi, Sohran, Xanî."