People's Resistance: DAY 5 - LIVE BLOG

The historic resistance of the peoples against the Turkish state's invasion of North East Syria continues to grow.


Names of 11 more of those who were wounded the air raid launched by the Turkish state against a convoy carrying civilians to Serêkaniyê have been confirmed. These include journalists for Kurdish Stêrk TV.


Thousands took to the streets in the German cities of Berlin and Hamburg in protest at the Turkish military offensive and civilian massacres in northern Syria.


Turkish army is bombing civilian settlements in Serekaniye amid violent clashes in the area.


Internal Security Forces have captured three ISIS members in an operation on Dirbêsiyê-Qîrewan road.


Concerning the Turkish incursion into northern Syria, Russia called on all parties involved in the Syrian resolution process to prevent the humanitarian disaster northeast of the country.


Turkish army forces have struck the vehicle of a medical team on move between Til Temir and Serekaniye. Reports are coming through of casualties and injuries among the medical team staff who were trying to reach those wounded in the ongoing attacks.


The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria announced that an agreement has been reached for the Syrian regime to fulfil the duty of protecting the country's borders and preserve Syrian sovereignty.


Turkey’s military offensive to invade North and East Syria and attacks directly targeting civilians continue. Thousands took to the streets in Tabqa and Raqqa today and protested the silence of the international community.


Hawar News Agency (ANHA) journalist Seed Ehmed fell a martyr as a result of Turkish attack against a civilian convoy heading from Qamishlo to Serekaniye earlier today. The Kurdish journalist’s father,

Şêxmûs Ehmed, said the following after taking his son’s body from Til Temir Hospital; “I have shut his eyes that shouted the truths and massacres.”


Demonstrations were held in Stockholm and Helsinborg to protest against Turkish massacre of civilians in Serekaniye today.


Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte called for an immediate suspension of arms sales to Turkey within the scope of the European Union.


France's President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel called Sunday for an end to Turkey's offensive against Kurds in northern Syria, warning of dire humanitarian consequences and a boost for the Islamic State group.

“We can no longer accept this situation against the Kurds. Another solution must absolutely be found," said Merkel, while Macron said the offensive risked creating "unbearable humanitarian situations" and helped ISIS jihadists, whom the Kurds had fought, "re-emerge in the region".


Masses took to the streets in Cologne, Dusseldorf and Freiburg cities of Germany, Prato city of Italy and Athens in Greece in protest at the Turkish invasion campaign against North and East Syria and the civilian massacre perpetrated by Turkish forces in Serekaniye earlier today.


The funerals have taken place in Dêrik of Syrian Future Party Secretary General Hevrîn Xelef, who was murdered by Turkish-backed mercenaries together with party member Ferhad Remedan and 4 SDF fighters who fell martyrs during the Resistance.


The civilian massacre carried out by the Turkish state in Serêkaniyê was protested with an action of civil disobedience in Bordeaux, France.


Details emerging about the massacre of civilians in Serêkaniyê

Our correspondent Ersin Çaksu revealed important details about the attack on a civilians convoy which resulted in the death of 11 people and the wounding of at least another 74.

Çaksu said: "The civilians, including women and children, came to Serêkaniyê to support the resistance and oppose the occupation. Everyone knew that that convoy was carrying civilians. There is another important detail: there was an intense activity of reconnaissance planes belonging to the International Coalition in Hesekê and Til Temir. This shows the cooperation between the Turkish state and Coalition forces. The families of those who saved the world from the ISIS brutality were massacred here today. The ISIS mercenaries who perpetrated massacres in France, Germany, America and Britain were defeated by the SDF fighters and today the families of the SDF fighters were killed by the Turkish state."


SDF General Command released a statement about the Turkish attack that directly and brutally targeted a convoy of civilians on their way to Serekaniye to express their opposition to the Turkish invasion of North-East Syria. SDF called for international action to stop the genocidal campaign of the Turkish state.


Those injured in the Turkish massacre of civilians in Serekaniye have been taken under treatment in hospitals in Qamishlo, Hesekê, Til Temir and Amûdê.

Heyva Sor a Kurd called on the people to rush to hospitals and donate blood.


Footage from Serekaniye where 11 civilians fell as martyrs and 74 injured in Turkish convoy attack.


Footage from Serekaniye where the Turkish army perpetrated yet another massacre of civilians.


Turkish army bombs the village of Qestebanê in Girke Legê.


SDF Press Office announced the identities of fighters who fell in the battle against the military invasion of the Turkish army and allied mercenaries. Accordingly, 12 SDF fighters fell as martyrs in the ‘Battle of Honor’.

“We promise our martyrs, their families and the peoples of North and East Syria that we will stand against invasion,” said the SDF.


Hundreds of thousands are pouring into the streets in Europe and all around the world to protest against Turkish massacre of civilians in northern Syria.


European Kurdish Democratic Society Congress (KCDK-E) urged everyone to take to the streets in protest at the massacre of civilians in Serekaniye amid Turkey’s ongoing military offensive set to invade North and East Syria.


11 civilians fell as martyrs and 74 injured in Turkish convoy attack.

According to the information received from Serêkaniyê, 11 civilians fell as martyrs and 74 were injured as a result of the Turkish warplanes bombing a civilian convoy heading towards the city and carrying also a number of foreign journalists.



Hawar News Agency (ANHA) reporter Mehmet Ekinci was injured in Serekaniye.


Turkish jets struck a convoy heading from Cizire to Serekaniye. Initial reports say that the airstrike left many people dead or wounded. Journalists from France and Brazil are also reported to be in the targeted convoy.


Turkish forces have once again bombed villages in the Tirbespiye district. The targeted locations include a historical hill in the village of Til Shiîr northwest of the district and the village of Til Cihan.


Turkish bombardment against Kobane injured civilians Rûhilat Yildiz (20) and Cemîl Ehmed Ehmed (65).


The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria announced that 785 ISIS mercenaries imprisoned in Ayn Issa have fled taking advantage of the Turkish aggression.


In response to Turkey’s offensive to invade North and East Syria, hundreds of people from Til Temir district of Heseke have arrived in the Serekaniye city. The people said that the fight will continue until the attacks are repelled.


Footage from the moment the Turkish army bombed the Ain Issa Prison.


SDF Press Office announced the balance sheet of battle in Serêkaniyê, Amûde, Qamişlo, Dêrik, Hesekê, Kobanê and Girê Spî areas on 12 October, the fourth day of the Turkish military offensive to invade North and East Syria.

According to the statement, 87 members of Turkish-backed terrorist groups were killed on 12 October, while 31 SDF fighters and 4 civilians lost their lives.


Around 20 civilians have taken refugee in the basements of houses in Serekaniye after Turkish troops and allied al-Qaeda gangs attempted to infiltrate some houses on Saturday. SDF fighters have rescued these civilians who had informed the SDF and called for help after they retook control over the area on the border following operations they have resumed since last night. The rescued civilians have been taken to safer areas.


Eastern Kurdistan Defense Units (YRK) Command announced that they were ready to defend Rojava (Western) Kurdistan, stating that the fascist Turkish state and allied ISIS mercenaries wanted to destroy the free Kurd and anything pertaining to Kurdishness


Taking advantage of the Turkish aggression, ISIS mercenaries started a riot in the Ain Issa Camp. According to ANF information, as many as 800 mercenaries have escaped from the camp.


The invading Turkish army and mercenaries are bombing the villages of Bilony and Eyn Deqne with heavy weapons in the Şera district of Afrin. 


Sterk TV reporter Ciwana Cuma sends her comments from Gêri Spî.


Demonstrations were held on Saturday in the Italian cities of Bolzano and Rovigo to protest the Turkish invasion of Northern and Eastern Syria.


Free Women’s Movement (Tevgera Jinên Azad-TJA) remembered Syrian Future Party Secretary General Hevrin Xelef who was killed by Turkish-backed terrorists in northern Syria.


Hundreds of people from Qamishlo chanting resistance slogans are heading to Serêkaniyê to join the resistance against the Turkish occupation.


Sources in the region said that ISIS mercenaries in Eyn Isa prison have staged riots. They set a fire in the prison and fled.


Nearly 200 academics, intellectuals and dozens of groups from all over the world have signed a text to express solidarity with.

Among the intellectuals who signed the appeal are world-renowned names such as Noam Chomsky and Tony Negri.

The call for solidarity was published in Spain and Italy via the Kurdistanamericalatina website.


In Çiğli, Izmir, the Struggle Union Platform hung banners saying "The peoples who resist in Kurdistan will win".  In Karaköy and Kadıköy (Istanbul) stickers were plastered saying "Let's increase the class struggle against the occupation."


Nicola Fratoianni, general secretary of Sinistra Italiana, said: "The aggression carried out by Turkey against the Kurdish people in Rojava is a criminal act. Italy must do whatever it can to stop this aggression. Italy must act, Europe must act."

Fratoianni added: "The Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio will propose to the EU to halt arms exports to Erodgan's regime? Good. But I want to tell Di Maio, let's begin with Italy: stop arms exports now."


SDF fighters destroyed a large number of military vehicles and heavy machinery belonging to the invading Turkish army and mercenaries during the clashes in the industrial zone of Serêkaniyê.


Autonomous Government: Appeal about fled ISIS 

The Autonomous Administration issued an appeal about the ISIS members escaping from the refugees camp of Eyn Isa. The appeal is addressed to the "International Security Council, the International Coalition, the Arab league and the European Union" and warned them that Turkey is attacking around the camp and things could go out of control.

The Autonomous Administration urged everyone to "take up your responsibility and act quickly to prevent a disaster that will not only affect Syria but will affect everyone should things go out of control."


Violent clashes continue in the industrial zone of Serêkaniyê. Seven occupying mercenaries were killed and 1 panzer type armored vehicle was destroyed. At the crossroads of Til Xilef town, Miçê hamlet and M4 road, violent clashes have taken place. A drone belonging to mercenaries was taken down in Til Xelef.


YPJ General Command commemoratet Hevrîn Xelef, Secretary General of the Syrian Future Party, who was brutally massacred by ISIS mercenaries. "Our response to the martyrdom of Hevrîn, a leading figure of the northern and eastern Syrian people, will be to increase resistance and achieve victory."


In the US town of California, San Diego, a protest took place against the Turkish state's invasion of Rojava. Kurds and their friends joined the action in front of the Federal Building. A protest is scheduled for this Sunday at 12.00 local time in front of the Turkish consulate in Los Angeles.


The invading Turkish state wants to cross the Euphrates and enter the western villages of Kobane using a mobile bridge they have transported to Jarablus via Karkamış.


Hundreds of thousands of people began to flee from the refugees camp in Eyin Isa after the invdading Turkish warplanes bombed it.

The Autonomous Administration said in a statement that the families of some ISIS mercenaries who were stayin in the camp have fled after the bombing.


Dozens of young people from Southern Kurdistan are heading to join the resistance fronts. According to RojNews, dozens of young people from Şêladizê, Zaxo, Sulaymaniyah, Duhok, Germiyan, Kirkuk and Hewlêr moved to Rojava to join the resistance against the Turkish occupation. 


Turkish warplanes hit the village of Til Bêder between Dirbêsiyê-Hesekê. Reports speak of wounded.


Kurds living in Timonia, Saratov, in Russia protested the Turkish state's invasion of Rojava. Ismail Yusubov, a member of the People's Assembly of Timonia, said: "The Turkish state is committing war crimes in Rojava. International law is silent against this war crime. International forces, especially Russia, should exert pressure on the Turkish state to end the massacres."


Colombian indigenous peoples representatives issued a statement condemning the Turkish invasion of Northern and Eastern Syria.


Turkish army is targeting Eyn Isa refugees camp where thousands of refugees are living. In a separate area of the camp are housed ISIS families who the Turkish state wants to free.


Sterk Tv journalist Ciwana Cuma sending reports from Girê Spi.


News from Serêkaniyê front

Our journalist Ersin Çaksu reports heavy clashes in Serêkaniyê. He said SDF fighters have dealt heavy blows to the invading Turkish army and its mercenary allies causing a high number of losses. 


More than 20 parties in Hewlêr, Southern Kurdistan will meet at 11.00 am local time to protest the Turkish occupation attacks. The meeting will be held at the building of the Kurdistan Hizba Zehmetkêşan party.

The Blood Bank campaign will be launched to donate blood for Rojava from 11.00 onwards in the southern Kurdistan region of Sêladizê.


Warplanes belonging to the occupying Turkish state bombed the camp where thousands of immigrants reside in Eyn Isa.


The invading Turkish army and gangs target the people who go to Girê Spi to protect the resistance.


Murat Karayılan: The invading Turkish state and the genocide fascists are carrying out savagery on our people, on the peoples of North-East Syria and developing recklessly attacks. People are falling martyr, a great example of sacrifice is shown and the burden on our people is heavy.

But, on the other hand, we have an enemy who is facing serious problems, struggling with crises and who is left alone in the world.

We believe that these facts will lead the Kurdistan Freedom Struggle to victory. The Kurdish people and all the peoples of the region will win, not be the genocidal Turkish fascists.


Murat Karayilan: Now these coalition forces declare that they are against this occupation. If they really meant to counter this occupation, then they should close the North-East Syrian airspace to the Turkish state. They can do this because it is something under their control.

If they do, the balance of the battle will shift.


Murat Karayılan: We are going through a very historical period. The occupying Turkish state is carrying out a brutal and barbaric genocide policy on the territory of North-East Syria before the eyes of the whole world.

Turkey is waging a very uneven and disproportionate war. On the one hand there is the people of North-East Syria, who are resisting only with their weapons for their honor, dignity, existence and freedom, and on the other hand a barbarian state with advanced war machines.

It is such an unjust war. The war is not only disproportionate and unjust, but the colonial Turkish state is carrying out a genocide by attacking the people of North-East Syria, by attacking the whole society.


Karayilan: Rojava Resistance will win!

People Defense Center Headquarters Commander Murat Karayılan: Everyone should stand up against this infamous invasion ordered by the AKP-MHP fascism. The resistance must grow. These resisting peoples will have glory in the coming days. There will be a losing and defeated fascist Turkish state. The Cenga Rojava Resistance will win.


After the Turkish army and their mercenary allies targeted medical personnel in Silûk, violent clashes are experienced between SDF fighters and occupiers.

The invading Turkish army and its mercenaries targeted two ambulances on the road between Girê Spi and Silûk and kidnapped 2 medical personnel.

Violent clashes between the occupying Turkish army and the SDF are reported in Serêkaniyê. Clashes intensify in the industrial zone, and the SDF fighters are carrying out a great resistance.