The Kurdish people expect an explanation from the KDP

It is still unclear what really happened in Xelîfan on July 26. The KDP must issue a statement on the matter.

If the current tensions continue and, at worst, turn into a direct war between Kurdish forces, the achievements of the Kurdish people, which have been fought for at great cost, will be in great danger. The guerrillas are waging a fierce battle against the invasion of the Turkish colonial state in the Avaşin, Metîna and Zap regions. The state has thus entered a quagmire in which it is not making any headway. The likelihood of a Kurdish civil war is thus grist to the occupiers' mill. At the same time, this possibility represents a serious blow to the longed-for unity of the Kurdish people.

That the PKK plays a large and positive role in defending the gains in Southern Kurdistan (Northern Iraq) is now a generally accepted fact. This became very clear in 2014 during the invasion of the anti-people militia "Islamic State." With the intervention of the guerrillas in Kirkuk and Shengal (Sinjar), thousands of people were saved at the last moment. This clearly demonstrated to the whole world who the true defenders of our people are.

Without the possibility of defense, no society can endure. This bitter truth has been experienced by every people who have been exposed to open attacks and have gone through processes of denial and annihilation. When genocide is committed in the wheel of assimilation, self-defense is the prerequisite for continued existence. Many communities have been wiped out due to the policy of denial and annihilation and no longer have the ability to protect their own existence. The Kurdish people have been subjected to countless attacks throughout history. The fact that the Yazidi people alone speak of 73 massacres shows the brutal dimension of these attacks. History virtually imposes a national unity and a united self-defense on the Kurdish people. It has been divided into four parts and left to the mercy of the occupying states and can only achieve the longed-for goal of a free country in the new century through political unity.

What will happen to the Kurdish people if they do not act in unison is shown in recent history by the example of Afrin after the Turkish occupation. The demographic structure has been deliberately altered, and nature and historical assets have been plundered. A fragmented approach increases the appetite of the occupiers and leads to all of Kurdistan being viewed as a potential colony. When it comes to resisting the occupation, Kurdish society and its political representatives must put aside all contradictions and prioritize the defense of the motherland. The existing conflicts can be overcome within a short time if the perspectives for national unity presented by Abdullah Öcalan are taken into account. This is also shown by the constructive statements made by the PKK recently.

International developments offer the Kurdish people the opportunity to consolidate their gains. Without unity, they are in grave danger. The hope that is budding among the Kurdish people is currently being turned into the opposite by the news from Southern Kurdistan. The HPG's declaration that contact with a guerrilla group in Xelîfan has been broken off has torn a deep wound in the heart of the Kurdish people. The more details that become known, the more serious this situation becomes. Since this guerrilla group under the command of Serwer went missing, all eyes have been on the KDP. The HPG issued two statements on the matter, and the KDP has still not responded. It is shrouding itself in a deathly silence, giving the impression of a criminal who has incurred great guilt. Obviously, it is under great pressure due to the public reaction, because naturally the Kurdish people are demanding an explanation with great concern. Society wants to know what happened to the guerrilla fighters who dedicated their entire lives to the freedom of the Kurdish people and fought selflessly for it.

For the moment, only the HPG's prudence prevents further unwanted developments. The guerrillas are maintaining their level-headedness, even though their room for maneuver is being increasingly restricted. As a result, it has so far prevented an internal Kurdish war and continues to devote all its energy to defending itself against the Turkish invasion. The Kurdish people are aware of the guerrillas' high level of sacrifice and recognize the machinations to weaken the HPG. It is common knowledge that the Kurdish people will never forgive the attacks on guerrillas.

It is still not clear what happened in Xelîfan. The information that a guerrilla group is missing and that there are casualties and injuries obligates Kurdish society to take immediate action and make its protest clear. In addition, a statement from the KDP is necessary. If this statement is delayed further, the situation will worsen. The Kurdish people want to know what happened in Xelîfan and what happened to its brave fighters Serwer, Wargêş and Dijwar. The first and most important thing the KDP has to do at this stage is to provide an enlightening and satisfactory explanation. No one must forget that any step to the contrary will only serve the enemies of the Kurdish people and the colonial states.