US and local forces on joint patrol in Gire Spi

Patrol missions within the scope of the US-SDF-Turkey agreement continue along the border between Turkey and Rojava.

As part of the ‘border security’ agreement between the US, SDF and Turkey, Border Security Forces affiliated to Gire Spi (Tal Abyad) Military Council and US forces carried out joint patrol and removed the SDF positions and points on the border line this morning.

While many trenches at al-Masraf point to the north of Gire Spi have been removed, works continue at other locations along the border.

As part of the ‘border security’ deal between the US, SDF and Turkey, agreement was reached for SDF’s withdrawal 5 km inland and the removal of SDF’s positions and military points between Serekaniye and Gire Spi.

The first patrol was carried out by the US and Turkey in northern Gire Spi on September 8.