Gire Spi Military Council: We will defend our peoples and lands

Gire Spi Military Council Spokesman stated that they as the security forces of the region would continue to protect their lands and peoples.

The Turkish state’s threats to invade North-East Syria with the excuse of “safe zone” continue. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, following his visit to Moscow with Idlib on his agenda, has again begun to utter threats of inivasion, saying “we could enter the region in two-three weeks”.

The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria recently announced that agreement had been reached on certain points for the 100 km long line on Serekaniye-Gire Spi border during the talks held between the US and Turkey on 5-6-7 August.

The agreement projected the retreat of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in 5 km inland in the mentioned region, handover of this area to local military councils and withdrawal of heavy weapons from a 14-kilometer inland zone.

Making a statement on the agreement in question on August 26, the North-East Syrian Administration Security Bureau announced that their forces had taken the required steps as per the agreement.

Despite the agreement, the Turkish state’s threats against the region continue.

Speaking to ANF Sorani service, Gire Spi Military Council Spokesman Medic Feyaz said that SDF have retreated from the region, adding; “The security of the region is maintained by our councils. Our forces are on duty and have a command of all regions.”

Feyaz stressed that they wanted all problems to be solved through dialogue and politics, pointing out that they would, however, protect their lands and peoples in the event of a possible attack.

“Kurdish, Arab, Armenian and Turkmen peoples live together in fraternity in Gire Spi. They have founded a shared administration. We, the security forces of the region, will continue to protect our lands and peoples.”