Kurdish woman claimed to have committed suicide in Berlin

It was claimed that Huriye Uçar, who was subjected to family pressure in Berlin, committed suicide.

Huriye Uçar (38) lived in Tempelhof, Berlin. Her life ended when she fell from the 7th floor of a building. It is claimed that Uçar committed suicide.

Her body was kept in the hospital and that would be sent to her hometown, Birecik, at the end of the investigation opened by the authorities.

DESTDAN Women's Assembly, BINEVŞ EDESA (Yazidi Women's Assembly), Jiyan Women's Assembly and Flamingo E.V have published a joint written statement saying: "All women murders and suicides are political. The reason for these murders and suicides is war, poverty, all kinds of oppression, hopelessness, the male-dominated system. The responsible for these deaths is the male-dominated mental state".'

The statement added: "We are not the property nor the honor of anyone. You cannot touch our body, our soul, our decisions about our life. As women, we will continue our struggle against all kinds of violence."

The statement continued: "Huriye was taken away from us today. Huriye ended her life because she was left desperate. As women's institutions, we will not forget our sisters. We will not remain silent about crimes against women."