Second day of hearing of 18 journalists opens in Amed

The trial against 18 journalists in Amed continues on the second day.

The hearing of 18 journalists, 15 of whom are imprisoned, continues in Amed.

The second day of the trial in which the journalists had to respond to the accusation of being "members of an illegal organization", began with the defense by Mesopotamia Agency editor Aziz Oruç.

Oruç said: "I was unjustly and unlawfully arrested because of the same news and with the same allegations used in previous trials I stood on. The indictment shows as evidence pieces of news and journalism. They say that we are not journalists but terrorists. We pay the price of doing our profession well and serving journalism."

Many civil society organizations are at the hearing today. HDP deputy Serhat Eren is also among those following the trial.