Journalist Kibriye Evren remains in police custody

Journalist Kibriye Evren has been in Turkish police custody since Friday.

Journalist Kibriye Evren, who was recently taken into custody in Istanbul, has not been released. Her lawyers said on Sunday that the public prosecutor's office responsible for the investigation against the Kurdish woman in the western Turkish province of Kocaeli ordered that the journalist would remain in custody. A court hearing is scheduled for today at the earliest. The journalist is being held in a cell belonging to the anti-terror police.

Evren, who is an editor at the JinNews news agency, was taken into custody in her Istanbul apartment on Friday morning and taken to neighbouring Kocaeli after a short stay at the local terror crime squad. An investigation is pending there on suspicion of “terrorist financing” and alleged membership in a terrorist organization, JinNews said.

It is hardly possible to provide reliable information about the contents of the file because the procedure has been labelled as classified information. The authorities also imposed a 24-hour visit ban on Evren, during which she had no opportunity to seek legal advice.

The journalist has been in prison several times herself. Most recently, between 2018 and 2019, she spent more than a year in custody in the women's prison in Amed. After her release, Evren supported a former prisoner with small amounts of money, according to JinNews. The Turkish authorities are accusing her of financing a terrorist organization because of this.