Semiha El Ebdo, story of a woman empowered by the Rojava Revolution

Semiha El Ebdo opened a small business despite limited resources. She earns a living for her family by sewing.

Semîha El Ebdo (32), from the village of Um Huceyra in Hesekê's Hol district, started sewing to earn a living for her family. Semiha El Ebdo, a mother of 4 children, continues to work despite all difficult conditions.

The attacks by the occupying Turkish state against electricity, water stations, energy centers and infrastructure in the region also affected the work of Semiha El Ebdo.

Semîha El Ebdo opened a small business called Sema El Saxîr and works with 2 young women. She told ANHA: "Despite all the difficulties, I achieved my goal and I want my other friends to be successful as well. That's why two more women are now working with me to realize their dreams."

El Ebdo has a dream of opening a larger place. She said: "Women should trust themselves, not others. Women must work and preserve their uniqueness. Work is women's strongest weapon against difficult conditions."