Gire Spi Military Council: We will respond strongly to attacks

Girê Spî Military Council stated that they repulsed the occupation attacks against Girê Spî and said, "We are not a party to the war, but we will respond strongly to the attacks against us."

8 civilians were injured in the attack carried out by the invading Turkish state and its gangs against the villages in the north of Girê Spî and the M4 Highway.

Earlier today, the Girê Spî Military Council made a statement and said that its fighters demonstrated a great example of resistance and prevented the gangs from reaching the M4 highway.

Riyad Xelef, one of the commanders of the Girê Spî Military Council, stated that local people left their homes because of the bombing of the northern villages of Girê Spî by the Turkish state and its gangs.

Riyadh Xelef condemned the silence of the Russian and Damascus government forces during the attack and continued his words as follows: "SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) does not seek war, but if these attacks continue, we will respond strongly".

The statement reported that the Turkish state and its gangs continue to attack the villages where civilians live in the north of Girê Spî, and that SDF forces killed 18 gang members affiliated to the Turkish army. This morning the Turkish state and its gangs were allowed to take the bodies of the dead soldiers under the supervision of the SDF and Russia.”