HRE: Three Turkish-backed terrorists killed in Azaz and Bab

HRE announced continued operations against mercenaries and attacks by the occupation forces.

Afrin Liberation Forces (HRE) released a statement reporting continued operations in Turkish occupied Azaz and Bab cities.

Accordingly, HRE sniper-teams targeted Turkish-backed mercenaries in the village of Kefer Khashir in Azaz on September 10, leaving one mercenary dead.

Two other actions carried out simultaneously by HRE sniper-teams on the same day left two terrorists dead in the vicinity of the Hezwan village in Bab region.

On the other hand, HRE reported that the Turkish invasion army and allied mercenaries carried out artillery attacks against the Merenaz village in Afrin’s Shera district, and the Herbil village in Shehba region on September 9-10.

HRE also reported intensified activities by unmanned aerial vehicles in Afrin’s Sherawa district.