Latin American countries improve LGBT community rights

Latin American countries intensify their fight to support the LGBTI community.

In 2009, Uruguay was the first Latin American country to allow the adoption of children by same-sex couples. It is considered the country with the greatest social tolerance towards the LGBT community in the region.

In August 2013, Uruguay kept moving towards tolerance and became the second Latin American country to allow equal marriage after Argentina.

The approval of equal marriage in Costa Rica last May is among the most recent milestones of the LGTB community of the continent. In Mexico, 19 of its 32 states officiate same-sex marriages. The progress on this matter continues towards making a national-level decision.

In Colombia, the election of the openly lesbian mayor Claudia Lopez gave more visibility to the LGBTI community. However, multiple acts of transphobia have been reported during the pandemic.

In January, Chile approved a bill on same-sex marriage in the Senate. Meanwhile, Argentina's government repealed a resolution that provided personal records for the detention of people who belong to the LGBTI collective.