Relatives of martyrs in Rojava: Barzani family’s support for Erdogan breaks our heart

Relatives of martyrs in Rojava reacted to the Barzani family, who congratulated Erdogan right after he was elected president on Sunday.

The second round of the Turkish presidential election took place on May 28. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the murderer of Kurdish children, was re-elected as president.

Masrour Barzani, the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region, and Nechirvan Barzani, the President of the Kurdistan Region, congratulated Erdogan immediately after his re-election as president on Sunday.

Families of martyrs from Afrin living in Shehba Canton spoke to ANHA and expressed their reactions.


Martyr Gerzan's mother Emel Qehreman said: “The Barzani family has once again shown their betrayal against the Kurdish people. The Turkish state has been hostile towards us for years, killing our children and our people. The Barzani family should abandon its treacherous attitude. Their support for Erdogan breaks our hearts.”


Martyr Şîlan's father, Hesen Berko, stressed that it was shameful for Mesrour and Nechirvan Barzan to congratulate Erdogan after the elections in Turkey. Berko said: “Congratulating Erdogan means congratulating the genocidal policies that target the Kurds. Is the KDP celebrating Erdogan's use of chemical weapons in the mountains of Kurdistan or his invasion of Afrin? They are haunted by betrayal.”

Berko pointed out that the Barzani family regarded Erdogan's defeat or victory as their own. He added: “We are saying this not for the people of Bashur (South Kurdistan), but for the Barzani family. The people of Bashur are now aware of what is going on. The Barzani family has spilt Kurdish blood. The Kurdish people do not accept it.”


Martyr Rêzan’s and Martyr Xelat's brother, Arif Sîdo, said: “It is the Barzani family that does not know their enemy, betraying their own people and defaming the Kurds by saying that they are Kurds. Kurds are those who genuinely defend the Kurdish cause.”

Sîdo concluded: “We will not remain silent against pressure and crackdown. We will continue our struggle.”