Al Hemud: We won't allow a Turkish invasion

The representative of the Hilisat tribe, Ibrahim Ehmed al Hemud, said that they would not allow the Turkish invasion and would never leave their lands.

Ibrahim Ehmed al Hemud told ANF that the Turkish state targeted wheat warehouses, bakeries, electricity, gas and oil facilities, hospitals and schools and added that in this way, it tried to keep the people hungry and helpless. Al Hemud said: “We are ready to counter all attacks by the Turkish state. We are ready to fall martyrs, as are our children."

Al Hemud said that they do not accept the Turkish state's aggression and international silence, and added: “We have given thousands of martyrs. We have sacrificed our most precious sons to protect the peoples of the world. We spilled our blood on these lands to defeat a barbaric and inhuman terrorist organisation like ISIS. We are committed to our land and our achievements, and we will never leave our country. We do not Turkey here. It targets wheat warehouses, bakeries, hospitals and schools. In this way, he tries to keep the people hungry and helpless. We are ready to fall martyrs, as are our children. We are ready to counter all attacks by the Turkish state. Children, the elderly, women and men, all the people of North-East Syria will stand as human shields.”

We stand by the SDF

Stating that they will never leave the SDF alone in this war, al Hemud said: “The Turkish state wants to realize the Ottoman dream once again in this region. The Ottomans occupied these lands for 400 years and now Erdogan is occupying them. Together, all tribes and peoples in North-East Syria will continue to stand by the SDF, because the SDF is made up of our children. Every SDF fighter is the son of these people. We will never leave our own children alone."

The Arab League is watching

Al Hemud criticized the silence of the Arab League: "Where is the Arab League? Are they just watching while the Turkish state is killing these people with planes? This is our land. The Turkish state has no moral values. It even targets graves. The states of the Arab League are just watching.”