Another group of young people joins the PKK, calling for further participation

A group of young people from North Kurdistan announced their participation in the PKK and called on every young person to “join the revolutionary struggle as a guerrilla”.

Young people seeking freedom join the PKK to become a part of the struggle for freedom against genocide in Kurdistan territory.

A group of young people from North Kurdistan (kr: Bakur), one of the most significant areas of the struggle, announced their participation in the PKK in a statement they made in the guerrilla areas.

The young fighters, with great enthusiasm, emphasized that they would deal a deadly blow to the Turkish state and called on young Kurds to turn their steps towards the mountains of freedom.


The statement of the young fighters reads as follows:

“As the youth of Kurdistan, we are participating in the PKK's ranks of struggle against the aggravated isolation imposed by the Turkish fascist state on our leader Abdullah Öcalan, the genocidal attacks against the Kurdish people and the barbarous warfare methods carried out against the guerrilla in the mountains of Kurdistan, and we declare that we will be fighting in the Cenga Xabur and Bazen Zagrosê revolutionary campaigns until the fascist Turkish state is devastated.

The fascist Turkish state under the leadership of the AKP-MHP alliance wants to intimidate the patriotic Kurdish people, particularly the Kurdish youth, through its massacre methods against our people. To this end, it resorts to every method and tool. Especially in recent years, Kurdish youth have been forced into drugs, prostitution and corruption in the cities of Kurdistan because of the dirty policies pursued by the fascist Turkish state. Based on these methods, the Turkish state wants to entrap patriotic youngsters in order to make them spy for Turkey and to keep them apart from the freedom struggle. Against these dirty policies, our patriotic Kurdish people should organize themselves in every field of struggle and foil the dirty special war policies of the Turkish state. Undoubtedly, it is the young Kurdish people who will lead the fight against this dirty war. First, the young Kurds should reject the intimidated, frightened and estranged slave identity promoted by the Turkish state. It is necessary to preserve and further strengthen the fighting spirit which is based on the ideological line of Abdullah Öcalan and committed to the values ​​of the party, society and homeland.


Hence, the young people of Botan and Kurdistan should dedicate themselves to the freedom struggle of the great commander, comrade martyr Agit and organize themselves in the form of a great will to carry out this struggle. We need to remember that Öcalan’s line seeks to bring to account and the PKK is a movement seeking judgment and vengeance.

In this regard, it is the young Kurdish people who will avenge the children, women and young people who were martyred with chemical weapons and burnt alive during the most barbaric and brutal attacks in the basements of Cizre as they did not surrender to the enemy during the self-rule resistance, our mother Taybet whose dead body was left to rot out on the street for 7 days, Haci Lokman whose dead body was carried on  streets, tied behind an armoured military vehicle and  martyr Çiyager and all our patriotic people and comrades who were martyred by brutal methods. Based on Öcalan's saying 'We started young, we will finish young', every young person should participate in the revolutionary struggle as guerrillas.

We declare that we will lead the Kurdistan Revolutionary Struggle to victory and will crush and devastate the fascist Turkish regime by uniting in the resisting spirit of the Cenga Xabûr and Bazen Zagrosê campaigns which have been introduced as revolutionary moves and carried out under the leadership of the guerrillas. On this basis, we call on all the patriotic young people of Kurdistan to join the PKK’s revolutionary struggle in the mountains of Kurdistan as part of  the 'Werin Cenga Azadiye' campaign.”