Behdinan hunger strikers' health condition worsens as hundreds of activists go on solidarity fast

The health situation of tens of Behdinan prisoners, who have been on hunger strike for 15 days against illegal practices in Hewler prison, is deteriorating. One prisoner was taken to hospital, hundreds of activists outside on a solidarity hunger strike.

Dozens of prisoners from Behdinan have been reacting to the violations of rights in the prison and the judiciary's arbitrary decisions taken since the arrest campaign launched by the Kurdish regional government on 13 August 2020.

First, 5 Sheladizê prisoners started a hunger strike on 21 July. On the same day, a second group joined the hunger strike for support. Currently, around 50 prisoners are on hunger strike.

Prisoners protest the fact that they are not released despite court orders in their favour. Indicating that the Hewler government is interfering with the judiciary, the prisoners demand the implementation of the law.

Until now, at least 5 Behdinan prisoners had to be released and were not.

However, the release requests of Yusif Şerif from Şêladizê, Mehmud Naci, Kovan Tarık Cubrail, Emced Yusif and Neçirvan Haci, who have been imprisoned for two years, have been denied. With a decision taken on 7 July, the court demanded the release of these prisoners after Eid al-Adha.

As the authorities remain silent on the demands of the prisoners, the effects of the hunger strike are felt more and more heavily.

Şivan Seid, who started a hunger strike in Hewler Gewran Prison, was taken to hospital after his health condition worsened.

Meanwhile, hundreds of civil society activists started a hunger strike in support of political prisoners and announced their actions to the public through digital media.