Delegation from Mosul visits Shengal

A delegation from Mosul visited the autonomous council in Shengal. The meeting was about joint plans to rebuild infrastructure and livelihoods in Shengal.

A delegation from the municipality of Iraqi-Kurdish city Mosul visited the People’s Municipality under Shengal Democratic Autonomous Administration on Sunday.

The delegation consisted of the Deputy Mayor of Mosul, Mihemed Qasim, the head of the Civil Service Department and representatives of the Economic and Planning Committee. The delegation was received by representatives of the Shengal Autonomous Council, including municipal administrator Qehtan Elî, in Khanasor (Xanesor).

Deputy Mayor of Mosul, Mihemed Qasim stated that at the meeting there had been talks about the reconstruction of infrastructure and livelihoods in Shengal, especially in Sinune and the villages in the region.

According to Shengal municipal administrator Qehtan Elî, further meetings and talks are planned for joint projects. At first, talks will be held with the population, which will also be attended by the delegation from Mosul.

The ISIS occupation and the following battle to defeat and finally expel the terrorist organization massively damaged civilian homes and public infrastructure in and around Shengal town in South Kurdistan. Many transport routes, as well as water and sanitary facilities, which were already in poor condition, were finally destroyed by the conflict.