Guerrilla Asos: "Our war has two pillars, the guerrillas and the people. United we'll win"

“The revolutionary people's war is based on two pillars. One is the guerrillas, the other is the people,” said YRK fighter Mêrxaz Asos, pointing out that nobody can just be a spectator during the war in Kurdistan.

Mêrxaz Asos is a guerrilla fighter of the Eastern Kurdish defense units YRK (Yekîneyên Parastina Rojhilata Kurdistan). He spoke to ANF about the importance of resistance at a time of massive attacks on the Kurdish people. For this resistance to be successful, everyone must take responsibility, he said.

“The revolutionary people's war is based on two pillars. One is the guerrillas, the other the people. That is why the population must fight the occupation together with the guerrillas. Occupation attacks are currently taking place in Kurdistan on a daily basis. These attacks have a long history. To understand the current occupation, we need to know the history of the invaders. Kurdistan is a very rich country due to its geographic location. This leads the occupiers to become almost obsessed with our country. It is important for us to know this. Rêber Apo [Abdullah Öcalan] said that the most important revolution is in the mind. This also applies to our assessment of the occupiers. "

"The Iranian regime is investing all its strength in the war against the Kurds"

Guerrilla Asos continued: "The hegemonic states make no attempt to end the war because of their own interests. On the contrary, they are increasingly contributing to the worsening of the situation. The third world war takes place mainly in Kurdistan. The Kurdish people have been confronted with physical, cultural and ideological genocide for years. It is always the Kurds and other innocent peoples who have to pay the price for the wars that take place. This situation is repeated today in all parts of Kurdistan."

Guerrilla Asos added: "The Iranian regime wants to destroy the Kurdish people mentally and physically. The methods and means of the hegemonic states may be different, but they all implement genocidal policies against the Kurds. The Iranian regime is also investing all its energy in the war to destroy the Kurdish people. It primarily relies on special war techniques. A society that no longer has a memory, history or identity cannot stand on its own two feet."

"Silence is a great shame at this time"

Guerrilla Asos underlined that the war is "not just a concern of the guerrillas, it is a struggle that determines the fate of the Kurdish people. Nobody should lie to themselves. The enemy makes no distinction; it attacks wherever it sees a Kurdish person. The Kurdish people have to take this into account. The guerrillas are resisting enemy attacks everywhere. We get the necessary conviction and strength from the philosophy and thoughts of Rêber Apo. The Kurdish people should not just be spectators in this fight. Everyone must take part in the resistance and fulfil their responsibility. The guerrillas of Kurdistan fight everywhere with great courage and defend our achievements. We deal hard blows to the enemy on a daily basis using professional methods. In this historically significant time, the Kurdish people must unite and drive the occupiers out of Kurdistan. The Turkish state attacks with sophisticated technology, but the guerrillas are resisting. The source of this resistance is the thoughts of Rêber Apo. In order to break the occupation, the population in all four parts of the country must support the guerrillas, especially in South Kurdistan. Everyone must defend themselves against the occupation, nobody is allowed to remain silent. At a time like this, silence is a great shame."

"Let's fight the occupiers together"

Guerrilla Asos also said that "taking a stand against the enemy is the essential task of young people. They can join the guerrillas or show their rejection of the occupation with other actions. Young people in particular have to fulfil their responsibility during this time and turn Kurdistan into a grave for the enemy. If we fail to live up to this responsibility, history will repeat itself. To prevent this from happening, we have to turn every place into a place of resistance. As guerrillas, we believe in ourselves and in the support of our people. Let's fight the occupation together, it is the time of resistance."